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About Svetoslav Petkov

Hi there, I’m Svetoslav Petkov but everybody calls me Svet. Thank you for visiting my personal website.

I’m a passionate SEO expert with over 6 years of experience in the industry focused on all things technical, on-site and off-site SEO. The majority of my experience is in agency-side and freelance SEO consulting for various of different industries. I started back in Bulgaria and worked on mainly e-commerce websites and loans.

Currently, now I’m working on a client-site as a Technical SEO Manager at Sportlight Sports Group. Because organic traffic is the main acquisition, my main goals are to improve the tech SEO understanding in the company, improve the workflow, and level up the tech SEO team.


I have experience in search engine optimisation of websites in more than 10 different markets and 3 search engines.

Currently, I’m Technical SEO Manager in Spotlight Sports Group where I provide my expertise to our own brands – PicksWise, RacingPost, MyRacing, FantasyAlarm, AS Apuestas, MyRacing, FreeSuperTips

I believe that knowledge comes from learning and experience. My strong passion for SEO and my desire to deliver excellent results are supported by a solid list of certificates.

2021 - Now

Technical SEO Manager at Spotlight Sports Group

2019 - 2021

Senior SEO Planner at Mediacom

2018 - 2019

SEO Specialist at Webcertain

2015 - 2018

SEO Specialist at


This year will be my first official talk at a conference. On 10th November 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria I’ll be part of SERPConf.

Companies I worked with

Sportsbooks (Affiliate) websites

Racing Post - logo

International E-commerce websites

Bulgarian brands (sample)


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