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Paywall and SEO: Types and Implementation Guide

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As the media landscape shifts, publishers are increasingly turning to subscription models to sustain their businesses. For those who have not yet adopted this approach, the decision is not a…
CTR curve with Python

Visualising CTR with Python and Linear Regression

| Python for SEO | No Comments
CTR curves are important for understanding how well your website is performing on search engines. CTR depends on the position on the search result page as well as what other…

Regex for SEO: Quick Guide on Using Regular Expressions

| Regex | No Comments
As someone who's always eager to improve my SEO skills, a few years ago I came across the powerful and incredibly useful concept of regular expressions, or "regex" for short.…

How to monitor competitors’ Google News XML sitemap with Python

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What is a Google News XML sitemap? A Google News XML sitemap is a file in XML format that provides information about articles on a website to Google News. This…